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SP Tutors (Schools Partnership Tutors) is an organisation established for schools to work together in partnership to make the most effective use possible of tutoring for disadvantaged pupils. Disadvantaged pupils are not less able; they have fewer opportunities to access the resources and support they need to make the progress in school they would otherwise be able to make.

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There is extensive high-quality evidence demonstrating the potential of one-to-one and small-group tuition as a cost-effective way to support pupils who are falling behind in their learning, suggesting that it can boost progress by up to five-plus months.

Our tutor training programme will ensure that our tutors are equipped with the necessary information and tutoring skills to make a real impact on outcomes for your pupils.

We will provide you with the tutoring training you will require to be successful. Our access to national experts on Tackling Disadvantage, and Research Schools for evidence-informed strategies, means we can tailor course modules to fit your tutoring needs.

You can fit it around other commitments in your life, it’s a chance to contribute positively to your community and it can provide you with experience for future employment if appropriate to you.